The best ways to get rid of bags under the eyes

The best ways to get rid of bags under the eyes are simple home remedies, the components of which are always at hand

Herbal  compresses

how to get rid of bags under the eyes?selfie lift

To eliminate bags under the eyes, the following herbs are ideal: chamomile, rosemary, lime blossom, arnica, medicinal ovary, leaves of mint, string. To prepare any of the herbs (about a tablespoon), pour a glass of boiling water, let’s brew, and apply a slightly warm compress, constantly updating it. Such compresses will help to get rid of bags under the eyes for a long time

Lotion of tea and chamomile

Dry flowers  of chamomile (1 teaspoon) are mixed with dry brewing of black / green tea (1 tea spoon) and poured a glass of boiling water. Infusion is given to infuse, after which the chilled is applied to the eyes. This remedy is an excellent therapeutic compress

Birch lotions

Fresh birch  leaves (about 5-6 pieces) are poured into a glass of mineral water and left overnight
Potato mask

Warm mashed potatoes  are laid on cheesecloth, then left on the eyes. The presented product has an amazing rejuvenating effect. If there is no time to prepare mashed potatoes, just cut the fresh tuber into two halves and attach each slice to the eyes. You can grate the potatoes, add the chopped parsley and dill, wrap it in gauze and attach it to tired eyes

Cucumber  mask

We rub a small cucumber on a grater. The resulting mass is applied to the eyes, from above covered with cotton-wool discs moistened in milk


Melissa is a wonderful soothing. To prepare a compress, it is necessary to squeeze out the juice of the grass and moisten the crumb of white bread, previously wrapped in gauze. The product is applied to bags under the eyes. The compress perfectly removes swelling and bags in just half an hour.

Sour cream mask

For cooking, take chopped parsley greens (1 teaspoon) and sour cream (2 teaspoons). The resulting mixture is left in the eyes for 15-20 minutes, after which it is washed off

Honey  mask

Melted honey is mixed with wheat flour in a 1: 1 ratio. To the resulting mixture is added the egg protein. Masks and lotions remain for 20 minutes, after which they are washed off with water.

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