Want to look and feel younger? Then join us!

This is a series of easy exercises for the face and neck, the regular implementation of which will help you look younger by 10 years!
Forget about plastic surgery and injections that are dubious to health.
A healthy way of rejuvenation will give the best results!

“4min Selfie LIft” app will prompt you to be/do/have

  • Selected especially for you everyday video lessons with exercises, massages and yoga for a face lift that rapidly removes wrinkles and exercise face muscle and cousins a great skin elasticity
  • Available interface and daily reminders
  • Anytime and anywhere you can keep on getting younger by performing daily facial exercise lessons
  • You can monitor and correct the assignments while watching a lesson thanks to your reflection (selfie)
  • Selfies every 5 days to record progress
  • Video-lesson course customized for your age group

What results await you?

  • Visual Face Lift
  • Facial muscle tone
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Smooth your Nasolabial Folds
  • Shapes the V-Line
  • Reduce Double Chin